Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Vato Gonzalez comes at us with a new mixtape and man is it raging. This mixtape has an interesting concept too. It was created exclusively with songs by unknown underground artists from the Vatogonzalez.com online community, which I think is a great idea. It's awesome to see someone with notoriety take the time to really give some unknowns a chance to shine and gain exposure. As someone who falls into the small-time producer category himself, it takes on some extra special meaning. Anyways, do not miss out on this. Listen to it. Download it. Spread the word to all your friends. Tracklist below.

01. Vato Gonzalez - Army of Bastards (Anthem) [BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE: JULY 9]
02. Martin Garrix & Sleazy Stereo - ITSA
03. Averez - Shuffler 
04. Backcornerz - Njuta 
05. Asic & Hugs - Sibersk 
06. Olivier Heldens - Topaz 
07. LaĆ«ro - Transition 
08. Colin E - Birdhous 
09. Martin Garrix & Kenneth G - Mute 
10. Volts - Piranha 
11. Sleazy Stereo - Pump it up 
12. Chris Decent ft. James Stefano - She Rocks 
13. D-Velro - Carolina 
14. Ricos - Just a beat 
15. Mark Koster - Symphonica 
16. Bonzer - Comienzo 
17. Robby East ft. Roy Wong - Essential (Flair Brothers Bootleg) 
18. Charles Deluxe - Harmor (Corbino edit)

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